Can't Stop Posting To Social Media Without Losing Visitors And Sales?

TLDR? Executive Summary

  • Get more traffic and sales from social media with less effort.
  • How? We automatically re-post your content to social media so more people can see it.
  • Premium plan costs $49/month.
  • Free plan: no credit card required.
  • Earn money: our affiliate program pays $22 per month (that's recurring, not a one time payment).

Take A Break From Social Media And Keep On Generating More Traffic And Sales

Can you really stop spending so much time on social media, or even take a vacation from social media, while still growing your audience, increasing your website traffic and ultimately making more sales?

The answer is yes, but before I tell you how, you need to understand social media's fatal flaw.

Almost Nobody Sees Your Updates Anymore

The big problem is that almost no one sees your updates anymore.

Saturation, time of posting, social media display algorithms and a host of other factors conspire to limit the number of people who see your posts.

And if less and less people are seeing your posts, how will you continue to grow your audience and increase your leads and sales?

The Tedious, Obsolete Solution

Previously, the solution was to keep track of all of your updates in a spreadsheet and then after you've posted all of them, go back to the beginning and post them again, and again, and again, so that a whole new batch of your audience can see your updates and you can make more sales.

But the problem is that this is tedious and take a lot of time out of your day, and if you stop doing this your audience stops seeing your content and you stop generating new sales.

The New Solution That Saves You Time And Increases Your Visitors And Sales

So instead of doing this yourself, we've built software that does all of this for you.

We store your social media updates in our app. And our app posts it to your social media accounts based on a schedule that you define.

After all of your updates have been posted, our app starts from the beginning and posts your updates again, so they will be seen by a whole new audience.

As more people see your updates you generate more sales.


What's Inside

Getting started is easy, only three steps and you'll be automatically engaging with your audience and making more sales.


Link Your Social Media Accounts

Linking your social media accounts with the click of a button. You can link Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.


Content Categories

To save you time, we have pre-populated categories that you can use or customize to your heart's content.


Add Content

Next you'll need to add content. But if you don't have time to write your own content, you can fill your entire content library in less then 30 seconds with the content that we've already written for you.

09add content

Schedule Your Updates

All that is left is to schedule when your content will be posted to your social media accounts.

11schedule a post

View Your Schedule

This is what your schedule might look like.


See Your Content Queue

See when your next update will be posted.


Pre-written Content

Don't have time to write your own content? Use our pre-written content and fill up your content library in less than 30 seconds.

06prewritten content

CSV Bulk Import

Want to upload a lot of content fast? Use our CSV bulk import feature.

05import csv

Automatic RSS Import

Need to automatically import your new blog posts? We've got you covered with our automatic rss import.

01rss feeds

Plans & Pricing

Premium Plan


  • Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn
  • Text & Image Updates
  • 10 Social Media Accounts
  • Save up to 1,000 Updates
  • Availablity: Available Now

Free Trial

Free for 30 Days

  • Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn
  • Text & Image Updates
  • 10 Social Media Accounts
  • Save up to 1,000 Updates
  • Availablity: Available Now

Missing Something?

Don't see a feature that you need? Just ask us. We might already be building it or build it for you.